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Wings of Horus


The best yet.  Six months in the design process and a few new tricks in construction.

Sikorsky S16, with skisSikorsky S16, with 7 cylinder Lebed engine and unfared wheels

Little known in the West, the Imperial Russian Air Service commissioned Igor Sikorsky to design a single engine fighting scout to act as a bomber escort for the enormous Ilya Mourymetts bombers.  Continually revised and updated, a few S16s survived well into the late twenties.  Russian ace Uri Gilsher flew an S16.

This latest kit in the Wings of Horus line has some of the features of previous scale replicas and a few new ones.  The construction process follows similar methods used in Modelart, Flymodel and Modelik.  I retained the bitmap method for most of the cockpit parts to provide a rich texture.  The interior details were reconstructed from photographs of the only full size S XVI.  The engine uses a newer method of design that has allowed a closer scale appearance.  The file is large at 7.5 megabytes.  In it, you get parts for the aircraft with four choices of undercarriage, historical reference, technical specifications and construction diagrams. 

  • Accurate Scale Model Replica

  • Over 200 parts.

  • Four undercarriage options including skis and floats.

  • 8 pages of parts

  • Rigging diagram

  • Accurately detailed cockpit.

  • Accurately detailed Lebed engine.

  • Illustrated construction guide

  • Vector versions fully editable

  • $9.99


The S16 model is available in Imperial Russian air service, Ukrainian and Bolshevik markings.  Each version has the option of building with a choice of wheels, skis or floats.


IRAS version 9.99
Ukranian Version 9.99


And here is the model built as the float plane version by our customer Brian Williams.

Sikorsky S16, SXVI_d, Designed by Marcus Harman, built by Brian Williams

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