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l the aircraft models on these pages have been made from flat sheets of paper!

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Models Under construction

The Hanriot fuselage and experiments with foam board The Ruston Camel fuselage before folding

As with any model, preparation is the key to producing a pleasing result.  Wings of Horus kits can be built "straight from the printer" but a small investment in some other  materials  and a little forward planning can help produce a model to win competitions.

Make sure that you have enough ink to print a whole page of parts.  I have found that good service can be had from

Many hobby shops stock fine brass or steel wire which can be used to help make structural components or to "super detail" your model.  I have been very pleased with the results which can compete on  even terms with much more expensive plastic or resin models.  Some specialist tools can be used to great effect.  I have a selection of scalpels, craft knives and Rasps that I use in the construction of my models.



There are several different methods for making convincing wheels out of card.  The best option I have found so far is to laminate disks of craft board to each other and sand them down smooth.  I recently purchased an Olfa´┐Ż Cutter which made light work of an otherwise difficult part of the construction. 



This is a 1/33 scale model of the Gnome Rhone 110 Hp engine used in many WW1 aircraft.  Brass wire and a pair of needle nose pliers helped to create the effect.


Biplanes from the great war pose a number of construction c  challenges.  Firstly the wings are often not directly above each other.  Secondly the wings may have different  dihedrals.  Lastly they may have an angle of attack.  These problems can all be overcome by using a wing jig, elastic bands and a lot of patience.

The model includes jigs to help get the correct dihedral and wing stagger.

Jigs are useful for aligning floats on seaplanes.  Expect pictures soon.

More pictures of our kits built are behind these links.

Sopwith Swallow, Hanriot HD1, Hanriot HD2, Moska MB