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All the aircraft models on these pages have been made from flat sheets of paper!

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Sopwith Camel

Copyright 2003   Following a severe illness in late 2001 that left me temporarily without speech I entertained myself with designing.  This version of the Sopwith Camel is the result.

Modelled after B7380, this kit was the model that launched "Wings of Horus".

The real plane was produced in the Ruston Proctor works in Lincoln 1917.  To celebrate the 1000th Camel built by the Ruston Proctor Factory, permission was sought produce a special doping pattern.  The scheme was commissioned because of Colonel Ruston's obsession with ancient Egyptology and  the Falcon God, Horus.

As legend has it, the magician Thoth transformed Horus into a winged sun disk. In this incarnation Horus Bhedudet flew ahead of the chariot of Ra, smiting the minions of the evil God, Set, with his magical gaze.
Delivered to the front in January 1918, B7380 is thought to have never seen combat. B7380 returned to the UK in February that year. It was put to work along the length and breadth of Britain, towing behind it a large banner with the slogan "Buy War Bonds". Following the war, it remained in use at Martlesham in the UK as a combat trainer.
In its own way, B7380 did as much to help end "The War to end All Wars" as any other other aircraft that flew in those years of insanity. Probably the most colourful Sopwith Camel to ever grace the skies. Built by the Ruston Proctor factory in Lincoln in 1918 the special livery was designed to represent the wings of the Ancient Egyptian God, Horus Behudet. This is where our trade name "Wings of Horus" comes from.

This kit was built "straight from the printer" without being enhanced with other materials.

Extensive research and photographs are included to help the model builder to achieve a competition winning replica.

  More about the Egyptology inspiring the design can be found here.

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