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All the aircraft models on these pages have been made from flat sheets of paper!

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Sopwith Swallow

In 1918 Harry Hawker was the chief test pilot for Sopwith. He had a Camel modified and used it as his own personal runabout that he could �scoot about� in. This produced the Sopwith Scooter pictured below. Its performance was so promising that it was used decided to develop a military aircraft from it.

Kit features:


detailed rotary engine


detailed Vickers guns


detailed cockpit, including seatbelts and dashboard


5 A4 pages of parts


11 pages of instructions including illustrations and 3-view


9" wingspan

The  silver effect was difficult to achieve with paper.  I searched for silver card and experimented  a couple of times, but I was unconvinced of the effect.  In the end I used powdered aluminium and artists Metallic Paint Markersto get the effect I wanted. 
The real Sopwith Swallow on trials at Martlesham UK in 1919. The Sopwith Swallow,  fuselage parts before folding. The Le Rhone engine has been enhanced with brass rod.

The Sopwith Swallow, model fuselage

3 piece wing of the Sopwith Swallow model

The cockpit with pilots seat and seat buckles. the main fuselage before fitting the cowl The three part wing ready to fold.

The main spar Wing and fuselage before joining Closeup of the engine and guns
Views of the finished kit  

The kit is available to purchase and download

The kit has been recently upgraded with a full vector redraw


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